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Back To News March 10th, 2012

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A fun learning and networking opportunity for tourism and hospitality educators, TEC 2012 will feature short, informative presentations and experiences along 3 topical themes.

Learn more about adventure tourism, sustainability and conscious travel, and the future of baby boomers as a market segment and a source of tourism educators.

Speakers include Dr Geoff Bird (excellent classroom teaching), the World Wildlife Fund's Zoe Caron (what is sustainability?), Dr Joe Kelly (sustainability in the classroom), Ray Freeman (mountain bike tourism), Pat Corbett (baby boomers - what do they want?), and many more tourism, education, and sustainability experts from BC and beyond.

Registration includes meals, informative sessions about best practice in teaching, and lots of networking opportunities.


Articulation meetings - May 7th and 8th - includes meetings, coffee services, breakfast and lunches: $99.


TEC Conference - May 9th and 10th - includes all meals, sessions, and networking opportunities: $299.








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